This website is one on which you are going to find cookies in use throughout the site, and as such each time that you pay this website a visit our server will place a cookie onto the device that you are using to visit this website using.

This section of our website therefore is going to give you an insight into just why we have chosen to use cookies and let you know how you can remove them from your device.

Be aware though that some parts of this website may not work as they have been designed to so If you decide to turn off cookies and do not accept them from this website, however that is also going to be something you could decide to do.

As for just how you can turn off cookies on the web browser you are using, well as there are quite a lot of different web browsers that you can use these days, I would suggest you look at the option settings on the web browser you are using or refer to the help files.

At the end of the day though it is always going to be your decision to make as to whether you do want our server to add a cookie to your device, but it will ensure that you have first class website visiting experience If you do accept our cookies.

What are Cookies?

If you have never come across a cookie before, you will of course need to have some idea of what they are and what they are used for, and with that in mind let me now answer a few questions that you may have about them.

A cookie is simply a small text file that is download onto the device that you are using to visit our website, and the reason we use cookies is that they allow us to see just which sections of our website visitors are using and visiting the most.

That in turn then allows us to compile plenty of additional articles and guides that are based around the topics people are looking for.

You will also find that such articles and guides are then presented to you when you visit this website, and as such you will be immediately able to find the subjects that interest you the most.

If you decide to post comments on any of the guides or articles we have compiled and made available on this website you are going to have to register as a user of this website to be in a position to do so, and the cookie we place onto you device will make it easier for you to do just that.

Some sections of this website are also cookie critical too, and as such by leaving the cookies we place onto your device in place then you will find all sections of this website will work correctly and how they have been designed to work, so if you delete or turn off cookies on your web browser then parts of this website may not work and operate as they have been intended to do so.

Why We Use Cookies

As I have mentioned above the main reason as to why we have chosen to use cookies on this website is so that we can see just which sections of this website are the ones that are being visited the most by our website visitors.

Cookies we do have in place on this website will also allow us to see how people tend to move around this website too, and that does also allow us to ensure that this website is very easy to navigate and work your way around.

Also be aware too that we do often make available to our website visitors a range of exclusive promotional offers that you may be interested in making use of from some third-party casino sites and companies.

By clicking onto any of the banners or any of the text links located and dotted around this website, you will then be taken to those third party casinos and websites, and the cookie we have placed on your device will allow those third party sites and casinos to know that you have visited their site from this site and then they can allocate those exclusive promotional offers to you.

Be aware though that when visiting any third party website from this website will see those sites also adding a cookie on your device and each of them will have their own cookie polices in place on their websites too, so do make sure that you read through their cookie policies and any additional privacy policies and their terms and conditions too.